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Patanjali Nutrela Slim Choice is a delicious and nutritious low-calorie meal, which is free from side effects and a healthy way to manage weight.

  • Low GI & High Fiber
  • Appetite Suppresser
  • Helps in weight management
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Product Information

Take your weight loss and weight management journey to the next level with one of India?EUR(TM)s top selling meal replacement shakes ?EUR" Nutrela Slim Choice. It is a great tasting and hunger satisfying meal replacement shake suitable for weight management with added fructooligosaccharides, minerals, and vitamins.

Each serving provides high quality protein, has low carbohydrate content, and is enriched with fiber and essential vitamins and minerals to provide your body all the essential nutrients.

  • Enriched with 15g Protein per serving
  • Contans 25 micro nutrients
  • Helps control hunger
  • Reduced Sugar Cravings
  • Boosts Metabolism

Hero Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia

Green Coffee



Sesbania Extract


Meal replacement shakes are designed to help an individual to lower their calorie intake and manage weight

Ideal for people who struggle to control their food consumption and are convenient for hectic lives.

Take 300 ml of lukewarm skimmed milk and add one spoon (30gm) of Nutrela Slim choice, stir and comsume immediately

For healthy weight management, skip only one meal

Why Nutrela Nutrition?

Patanjali Nutrela Nutrition provides natural and vegetarian products for general nutrition, sports nutrition, and medical nutrition. Our products are formulated with bio-fermented vitamins, ayurvedic herbs, and natural sources like organic flaxseed and sesame to promote balanced, natural, and healthy nutrition. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in our world-class Research and Development facility in Haridwar.

Choose Nutrela Nutrition for safe, effective, and result-oriented natural products. Our 100% vegetarian and non-GMO formulations are free from harmful chemicals and animal-based nutraceuticals, so you can enjoy the benefits of natural and healthy nutrition. Whether you're an athlete or someone looking to maintain their overall health, Patanjali Nutrela Nutrition has the right product for you. Try our products today and experience the difference

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Meal replacer is a replacement to your regular meals. It is usually low in carbohydrates, fats, and calories and high in protein and fiber. It helps you meet your daily 1/3rd requirement of vitamins and minerals. Meal replacement shakes are also a convenient way to exercise portion control which is an essential component in your weight loss and weight management journey.
There is a common myth that protein supplements and meal replacement shakes are the same. But this isn’t true. They might be similar in certain components, but each has its particular use. Whey protein supplements provide high quality protein in each serving which acts a fuel for muscles and helps in recovery as well. As compared to meal replacement shakes, protein powders have less vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, meal replacement shakes act as a substitute to regular meals. . If you want to build lean muscle and fuel recovery after intense workouts, then protein supplements will work best for you. And if you want to lose weight or manage weight, then meal replacement shake is the best option for you.
If you’re on a weight loss journey, then Slim Choice meal replacement shake can be very helpful. Various studies have shown that a weight loss of 2-4 kg in the first 6 months is noticed if you consume meal replacement shakes regularly. The delicious vanilla flavor makes it all the more enjoyable.
Nutrela Slim Choice is natural, chemical free and is absolutely safe to use
Yes, Nutrela Slim Choice is completely healthy and safe for long term use. There are no known side effects.
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