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Almond, Flaxseed, Dates and Walnut are the superfoods added for your little superheroes.

Nutrela Kids Superfood is scientifically designed as per ICMR guidelines for growth and development of your child when consumed regularly in the right quantity

It is suitable age group between 4-12yrs.

You can find the manufacturing date and also its expiry date well on the product jar

Ensure enclosed scoop is washed and thoroughly dried before use. After opening, use the contents within 3 weeks or the expiry date, whichever is earlier.

Unlike other multivitamin supplements, Daily Active Multivitamin combines the synergy or ancient Ayurveda and modern scientific nutrition along with the power of bio fermented vitamins, natural minerals and gerbil extracts to boost energy, immunity and stamina 

One capsule of Daily Active Multivitamin taken daily (without break) for at least 60 days will show noticeable health improvement.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can affect mental health and cause anxiety disorders, and low mood. Clinical research shows that multivitamin supplements may have a positive effect on mood.


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