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By Nutrela Nutrition

26 May 2023


The Best Vitamins and Minerals Your Body Needs For Optimal Health

Do you get tired easily? Well, this could be a possible sign of a slow metabolic rate. In order to maintain optimal health, your body requires sufficient vitamins and minerals. These nutrients act as catalysts and refuel your energy, so you should never be deficient.

Here is a list of essential vitamins and minerals that you should incorporate into your everyday diet, either naturally or as vitamin tablets.

Vitamin B12

The essential nutrient that you must not ignore when it comes to a fit and healthy body is vitamin B12. It not only helps your body produce the blood-building cells, RBCs, but also participates actively in the synthesis of DNA. Lack of this vitamin can cause fatigue.

Patanjali Nutrela Vitamin B12 vegetarian capsules are 100% natural and organic. Adding these capsules to your daily routine can lead to improved cognition and general vitality. It can help boost your energy levels and enhance your hair’s health. If you are struggling to fulfil your vitamin intake, these vitamin capsules are the perfect solution.

Vitamin D

We’ve always heard our parents say that stepping out in the sun is a good source of vitamin D, but why exactly do we need vitamin D? As most might not be aware, vitamin D is the promoter of new cells in the body, thus removing old and decayed cells, which otherwise cause inflammation and itching.

They also boost calcium and mineral absorption in the body, increasing bone strength. Patanjali Nutrela Vitamin D-2K chewable tablets are an effective supplement that can be easily incorporated into your diet and is beneficial for both men and women of all ages.


Iron is undoubtedly an essential mineral for the growth and development of the body. From the generation of hemoglobin to the carrier of oxygen, ensuring our overall nourishment. So, it should be taken regularly to avoid serious health problems. Lean meat, kidney beans, lentils, and nuts are a few versatile food sources to fulfill your daily iron requirements.

If you are looking for an external source of iron, Nutrela Iron capsules are a gluten-free and natural source of iron. Made with organic and herbally processed sources, these capsules help restore energy and treat weakness.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble chemically related organic compound. This essential vitamin is abundantly available in food sources like green leafy vegetables, salmon, eggs, papaya, and mangoes. A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to night blindness and poor bone health. If you are someone who is prone to acne, consuming vitamin A can help repair your skin’s health.


Calcium is a crucial mineral for building and maintaining strong bones. It has the ability to bind with fats, potentially reducing the amount of fat absorbed by the body. Women often face a calcium deficiency after the age of 30; hence, calcium supplements are a true savior.

The Nutrela Calcium Bone Health Natural Supplement is GMO-free and an ideal source for strengthening bones. With no artificial colours, these supplements are suitable for both men and women.

A balanced consumption of these essential vitamins and minerals is a sharp step towards a happy and healthy life. Purchasing highly nutritive products from Nutrela Nutrition can help you gain balanced nutrition without any effort. Our range of vitamin and mineral products will help meet all your body’s requirements and gain the strength and energy required on a daily basis.